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Monday, February 2, 2009

ONS #4

I had no plan that night, on meeting anybody. There was no date. No anything in particular. I went to a internet cafe near my dorm (at the moment, there was no internet connection in my dorm), browsing for some material to support my report on one particular subject (can't quite remember what it was). 

As usual, though I don't do it anymore now, I went online at mIRC. So yesterday, right. Anyway, there I was, sitting in front of my computer, chatted with this stranger. He was 23 and 180 cm-height, a combination so rare to me. He requested to meet and it didn't take me forever to figure it out that he was in the same internet cafe. 

Despite the dreadful coincidence, we met outside. The devil inside me told me that, there was this myth that tall people usually has big dic*. Mine is not that big, FYI, so I was very curious to test the myth *Myth Buster mode on*. 

This guy was far from a shy one. it didn't took him long enough to undress me. He then started to undress himself, and there he stood with his naked body and a hard thingy. And I knew I was right; a tall person doesnt always have a big dic*. 

Right after the steamy session, he proposed me to be his boyfriend. I lied there, still naked, and silenced. What was I supposed to say? Nobody got interested in me that fast. Or was it because he knew I was still a virgin and he's so excited to devirginize (does this word exist?) me? I didn't know.

Although I visited him quite sometime after, there was no commitment. We parted a few months later, and at the Chinese New Year Eve, I met him. He greeted me, but I was not in quite the place to talk.

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savante said...

So what happened! Cliffhanger!

Zhou Yu said...

Hmmm, meeting in chinese new year eve? Must be someone close to you, eh?

Reis's said...

@ savante
We lost contact since I changed my phone. Didn't keep in touch since.

@Zhou Yu
Ga lah, meeting concidentally. Ga specially arranged. hehe

BoewatChat said...

really? there is exist a gay that love to deflower virgin gay?

cape lohh ngajarin virgin :p

buat kita mah, the more experience the better.. as long as healthy aja :)

lucky said...

setuju sama si OM. secakep apapun klo di ranjang memble, ihhh males deh. untung gw cukup cerewet memberi instruksi.

gw binun nih,di ONS ini loe masih virgin. jdnya ini your 1st ONS? ato emang loe masih virgin sampe sekarang?

Reis's said...

hehe, ntar deh. gw cerita lage detailnya. :P

BoewatChat said...

surprise.. komentar yang masuk udah banyak, tapi gak ada satu-pun yang ngomentarin soal "size" yaa :)

is it "size doesn't matter" atau "kita cukup sopan untuk tidak ngeledekin si Ed" ? :p

lucky said...

Klo soal size nya partner nya Ed, kyknya sih "size doesn't matter", buktinya setelah ONS, Ed masih virgin, please see:

" Or was it because he knew I was still a virgin and he's so excited to devirginize "

Trus klo soal Ed's size, gw msh ragu2, apakah dipake ato ga??klo emang ga, ya ujung2nya doesn't matter juga kan. hihihihi

jeng Ed, gw pegang janji loe utk cerita detailnya sama akyu.