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Friday, February 6, 2009

The Game of Love

Okay, it sounds interesting. So, let's play along.

Fellow blogger Boewatchat has tagged me at his lovely blog and also Noel, and I guess it is my duty to pass it along.

Rules of the game:
1. Use Google Images to search for the answers of the questions below.
2. Choose a picture in the first page of search results, then post it as your answer.
3. After that, tag other 7 people..

Seriously. How did you guys play it so well? Are you guys cheating? Hmmm.. anyway, these are my answers:

1. The age of my next birthday

Yes, this is an honest answer!

2. Places I like to travel to

Er... Am I being greedy?

3. A favorite Place

Is this question supposed to have one answer? Well, I have more than one favorite place:

4. Favorite Foods


Hahahaha (*malu*), I am gluttony, aren't I?

5. Favorite Things

Skip the brand.

6. Favorite Colors

7. Where I was born

8. A City (Cities) I have lived in

The first is the current, the latter is my hometown

9. Nicknames I have

10. College Major

11. Hobbies

12. Bad Habits
13. Name of My Love

Of course lar, only in my dream..(LOL). Introducing, anyway, Matus Valent, Edward Norton, and Ethan Ruan.

14. Wish Lists

Too many wishes is not good.

So, I do tag:

1. Lucky
2. Dr Pr
3. Sam
4. Chris
5. Yuda
6. Zhou Yu
7. Luke

4 punches:

BoewatChat said...

profile building using MeMe? bisa deh.. use our imagination and wawasan dan pengalaman kita yang cukup luas itu :p

Ed, tinggal di Bandung, usia 23. Karena currently masih stay di Bandung dan kebanyakan orang masuk kuliah usia 18 (kecuali gw yang earlier), most likely dia sekarang sedang tingkat akhir. agak terlambat :), 5 tahun kul, saatnya ngerjakan TA "perancangan pabrik"... (ini berarti gw narik kesimpulan kalo dia majoring chemical or industrial engineering).

dia (mungkin) pintar, salah satu wishlist nya harvard :). combining with the fact that it still takes 5 years (more) for graduation, means that dia kuliah di ITB. wajar lah, kuliah disana kan susye :p

asal darimana? agak sulit menebak dari picture-nya, tapi rasanya aku familiar dengan scenery itu, which is "TOBA" :). Jadi inget jaman dulu waktu jalan-jalan dari Samosir ke Brastagi (baru ngeh kalau ternyata Samosir tuh menyatu dgn pulau sumatera). Jadi Ed asalnya dari MEDAN :). Considering he is chinese, understand some cantonese (Jay Chou), beberapa temannya ada yang kuliah di Singapore, rasanya tebakan gw gak akan melenceng jauh :)
(anak medan banyak banget yang sekolah di singapore, trmasuk temen gw satu apartemen dulu..)

trus apalagi yaa.. ada yg mau nambahin?

Reis's said...

hahaha.. dear oom, diriku sudah lulus. :)

Waow, you got that harvard aced! Haha.. lalu, jay chou bukan cantonese, tapi mandarin.

Sisanya.. no comment dah! hahaha

BoewatChat said...

jay tuh hokkien :) taiwanese.. they're close to cantonese..

but you're right :p

*Anton* said...

Well done on this post. The pics were very well put. ^_^