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Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Can you smell it in the air? It still hasn't been the due date, but this morning, my friends have already brought the topic up. But I was okay, until I checked the date, just to see what day it would be.

Initially, I thought it couldn't be that worse, because the date would be at week-day, so I would be fine. But apparently - and unfortunately - it is not. It is at Saturday. It is at weekend. And I am miserable. 

Sigh. The full-of-love-day is at Saturday. It is totally the day for couples. Sigh sigh sigh sigh.

Wait a minute. Is this me being silly and stupid? First, I don't make chocolate. I don't bake cookies. I don't buy some beautiful Teddy Bear because Teddy Bear is supposed to be for girls, and I don't date girls. I don't buy chocolate bars because.. erm... I don't know. Oh, this is superrr lame. 

For years, I believe that Valentine's day is not any special at all, partly because we get to celebrate our love at any day. Although I don't really know the meaning and history (or myth) behind the day, I know that the day is not really merely about giving somebody special a chocolate. But everybody's celebrating it. And love is suddenly in the air. If we're not celebrating it with our couple, does that mean that we're not in love enough with him? Or, is it too drama-queeny to get mad at our somebody if there's none celebration? 

Maybe V-day is an extra time for us, to think again, about love. About relationship. About hope that relationship does exist, and we deserve the man of our life, despite how twisted we are. Maybe V-day is about celebrating any kind of love that exists - to our family, to our friends, our benefactors, and all those people around us. Or is this just another self-defense mechanisme of myself to help me feel better despite my status? 

Oh, yes, I know, I am still miserable. Anyway, it's still a week and a few days before the day is due. So, let's see then.

4 punches:

lucky said...

kok ga ada judulnya sih???

keasyikan cari foto2 sexy sih

Reis's said...

wakakakaka.. tau aja! hahaha

Hidden Closet said...

kalo saya udah terbiasa
seumur hidup gak pernah merayakan valentine dengan pacar, wong pacaran juga cuma 2 kali
just be happy

Zhou Yu said...

Hiks, valentine. Padahal kemaren2 sudah membayangkan datang k t4 kerjanya sambil bwa tobblerone yg bentuk mawar, ato makan malam. eee, Tuhan berkata lain.