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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

ONS #6 and #7

There's nothing much I could remember that night. Mainly because he was THAT LAME. Seriously, I have never judged my partner before. I know I am not that good either, which is also why I never judged my partner. He's the first (and hopefully the last) exception. So, there's not much to tell here.

Meanwhile, my #7 was a real hot guy. The first guy with six-packs I've ever slept with. This guy was a real naughty one. A real unfaithful one. He cheated his ex, and the worst part was, his ex caught him red-handed. Geez, could you imagine that? He and his affair (obviously not me) at the time were still halfway to the orgasm when his ex knocked the door. The cheating couple then stayed silent, hoping that he would go away, yet he was smart enough to feel suspicious. Then he broke through the door, only to see the man he loved was naked with another guy...

Going home after the session, I thought to myself, hot guys are not to be real. They are good for your eyes, but not for your health.

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