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Sunday, February 15, 2009

How Was Your V-Day?

How was your valentine's day? Was it full of magic? Getting off? Found someone special?

First of all, V-day turned out not that bad. By saying not that bad, I mean I didn't feel any insecurity, loneliness, nor did I second-guessing myself. So, I was not that miserable, after all.

So, I woke up at 10 AM, still feeling sleepy, and went straight to my laptop, trying to go online. You know, the usual stuff - mail, vacancies, blog, and some other cyber-social-networking sites. The morning was quite peaceful, as I realized that I was not the last single person on earth. I even thought to myself, I was gonna be sooo fineeee.

And I guess that I judged too early. Not more than two hours later, the light suddenly went off. Something's wrong with the terminal, causing short-circuit (or things like that). Since it's Saturday, we couldn't find any technician available. Unwillingly, I had to say bye-bye (Song: Mariah Carey's BYE BYE on) to the internet connection for the day.

Big deal, I tried to talk myself into it. Spending the rest of the day in the dark, I turned on my MP3 Player, choosing and repeating one same song; a mellow song from Vivian Hsu. My mellowest-day -of-the-century then officially began.

By 4 PM, my JOJOBA friends all came (there were 5 of them, all straight ones), and asked me to join them go swimming. Since it was Saturday, I thought it would be full of people, which brought higher possibility of more hunks, and higher possibility of more cute hunks, so I decided to join.

The swim was fun. I always like water. By 5, I left the pool, alone, since my friends were still having fun. I headed to the shower-room to wash off. The rooms was fully-occupied, but I didn't mind the queue, as only one other male besides me who's waiting for the shower-room.

Soon, I entered one of shower rooms; the rooms have partition, but not full partition, there's still some space from one's calf to the floor. I heard before the rumor about how AJ people would give away some sign, for example by putting his toes near the space, and if the people next to you notice and give back the same signal, then BINGO! So, I tried to be very careful not step out from my box. Besides, I don't give a damn on the signal things, NEVER, because I come to a swimming pool to swim, to stare at some hunks, not to have some misconduct.

HOWEVER, soon after I finished my shower, I realised my shampoo was missing. Since I couldn't do anything while naked, I figured out that I need to dry myself first, and put some clothes before begin searching. YET, suddenly, a stranger from the shower next to mine put his hand out from the space, and told me that I dropped the shampoo (WTF?!). I thanked him, and he then asked to borrow some shower gel. I stayed positive-thinking, then lent him mine. THEN, he started to peek at me through the space (GOSH!), and GOD, I just didn't know how much he had seen. I started feeling afraid; my hear beat so fast, I knew something was wrong. HE THEN ASKED ME TO HELP HIM SOAPING HIM WITH THE GEL!!!!!!!!! HE TRIED TO GRAB MY HAND (but thank GOD I didn't let myself) AND THEN SHOWED HIS RED-HEADED DICK!!!

GOSH! I have never been humiliated and insulted like that before. Who the hell he thought he was? If he was AJ, he had no attitude at all, and HE HAD TO READ MANNER 101 to upgrade his low and cheap behaviour. If he was STR (or BI), HE JUST ALSO NEED TO READ MANNER 101! Did he really think that any gay-guy could be used to make him scream orgasm? FU*K!

I was really angry. To myself, to him, and to any other gay-guys. HECK, if any other gay-guys who have been doing sex in the shower room COULD BEHAVE THEMSELVES, there would be no such incident. It's called A PRIVATE ROOM, A HOTEL ROOM, or YOUR ROOM if YOU NEED SEX SO BADLY! NOT JUST ANY RANDOM PUBLIC SPACE! This IS ALSO WHY GAY GUYS ARE NOT RESPCETED EVERYWHERE! BECAUSE IT'S JUST A PARADIGM KNOWN TO ALL OTHER PEOPLE THAT A GAY GUY WOULD EAT ANY GUYS! No offense. Sorry.

So, the disaster was pretty much ruining my peaceful day. The incident also brought another experience, which I would tell later.

Anyway, this won't have any effect on me swimming on the same pool. If it does, then I admit that I am weary enough to handle such things. I am not.

2 punches:

lucky said...

menurut gw sih,,,si Doski (cieleee doski, jadul banget yahhh) ga sembarangan pilih orang. Dia kan pake gaydar dan kebetulan sinyal loe yang lagi terpancar dengan kuatnya.hihihihiih
NB: gw rasa orangnya kurang cakep dan tingginya kurang dari 180cm. karena itu loe ga mau "bantuin" dia

Reis's said...

Gw curhat ama dua orang sebelumnya ya, pertanyaan mereka tuh sama: CAKEP GA TUH ORANG?
Gilingan deh.. kenapa ya, kalo brondong yang ngadu, ga pernah dianggapin serius? huhu