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Thursday, February 5, 2009


I feel trashy. Maybe at the first place, I shouldn't have written stories about my sexual life. Maybe they're supposed to be a secret. After all, they are all meaningless. They all show nothing but my own shallow-ness, and that I am an easy person. That I am a good-time guy (yes, quoting Archer Montgomery from Private Practice, again). And a good-time guy do nothing but sex here and there, with no string attached. So, the point is, I am feeling trashy. Trashy and sinful, and twisted and cheap.

But then, do I do something wrong just because I post some extra notes about my sexual life? Or my taste of pictures I have upload-ed to my blog? What's wrong with some sexy and hottie hanging there on my blog? Are you guys that disgusted to my writing, or is that I am too vulgar?
Let me tell you: GUYS I have been involving myself with sexually; they're not more than 10, which means the number could still be counted by your hands. And, although they're all meaningless sex, I get to learn new things myself - NOT new technique, you pervert! :P

So why the trashy feeling?
Well, someone did something. And why the hell I need to feel trashy? If he couldn't take me as I am, then leave. I'm not going to leave, though. I would stay, not because I am in love, nor I want to make friend with him so badly, nor I admire him so much; BUT JUST SO THAT he knows, he ain't the saint himself. If he couldn't accept others for that, then why he could accept that if he's doing the same thing?

Anyway, I won't judge further. He had his own reason, so I'm gonna be this nice observer. I won't apologize or feel sorry for what I have written here. Yet, geez..I feel trashy. Ironic, isn't it?

2 punches:

lucky said...

Edward kok kamu jadi feel trashy gitu sih?? kayaknya kmrn ok2 aja tuh posting "gituan".
Loe juga ga perlu mereduksi jmlh ONSmu "cuman" jadi 10.
Like Om said: More experience more better. Hihihihihi

*Lain kali klo ngerasa badan loe bau TERASI, mandi aja kali, susah amat*

Reis's said...

Eh, kampongggg!!! Koq jadi terasi sehhhhhh beteeee dehhh

Seriusan, ONS gw cuman 10 kale koq. Hahaha.. Save the best for my future guy. :P