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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

ONS #5

this gorgeous hunk was obtained here.

He was a paramedic. A paramedic who asked me to do something naughty with him. A naughty and hot paramedic who invited me to his dorm. An unfaithful paramedic who apparently, had a girlfriend. Wait. If you have a girlfriend, and you still sleep around with some boys, is it considered as cheating? You tell me.

I always had a thing with medical profession. From a paramedic to a medical doctor, to a pediatrician (who is labeled as 'half a doctor' at Private Practice), and to some extent, to a vet. And that night was not an exception. Although so, I let him make a move first. He turned on the computer, played some instrumental music. He turned off the light, so the screen saver from the computer created some romantic atmosphere. Suddenly, I got jealous with the girl whose pictures he kept. The lucky damned girl.

He hugged me. Very tight. But I knew deep down inside, it was not me that he was thinking. I didn't mind. This was meant to be nothing... He had a talented tongue. I had my quickest orgasm. *LOL*

I didn't stay the night, though he wanted me to. I guessed he took that as a sign that I was not interested. Yes, despite the paramedic thing, I was not interested, mainly because he had a girlfriend already. I didn't want to be a third party, and I would never want to be one.

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Zhou Yu said...

Jd phak ktga memang ga enak. Furthermore, I got to say, being a bisexual doesn't justify you to cheat on ur gf for boys.