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Thursday, January 29, 2009

ONS #3

'Hope you don't mind, but my house is not quite charming,' he told me as we entered his 2-array home.

It was not that bad, indeed, the moment I stepped in his room. He turned on the television and sat on his double-bed. I sat myself, taking quite a distance from him, thinking that he might not want me.

Like my previous post, he was the one who came to me, and at first, I thought he wanted to kiss me, so I was ready in the position. Yet then he only hugged me: GOSH, HE JUST WANTED TO KNOW HOW I WOULD REACT. And I made the wrong move, which was exactly what he had hoped for.

He whispered to my ear, 'I'm going downstairs, to take some water, so please wait here..'

The next thing I know, I was in his arm, and he kissed me. Mouth to mouth. Guess he's not the neck-kisser (*LOL*). And it was special, I thought. He didn't rush. He took his time. It's like he's been waiting for so long for that night.

Like the second post, it was not only once. i visited him quite a few time after. We went to a swimming pool once, and it was the safest swim I have ever had.
Lately, he told me he wanted to develop a more serious relationship with me. He told me he still kept all the SMS I sent him.

You know what was the outcome. On any other circumstances, I still believe that you would find somebody special through an ONS. That you have fight for the guy you want to be with, because he's worth it. On the top of that, although it's true that ONS is like networking (quoting boewatchat), I choose not to do this kind of networking. I choose the traditional way; if you think you want me, lets go on (a) simple dates(s), and lets work the way to a healthy relationship. It's not that difficult to do, right?

That’s what happens in relationships. If you want to keep it going, you forgive things that bother the crap out of you. If you DON’T want to keep it going, you dump the person. Or divorce them. You should not, under any circumstances, poison them with arsenic. That is bad. (Grey' Matter)

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lucky said...

Lately, he told me he wanted to develop a more serious relationship with me ==> trus kalian jadian??
abangku skrg juga hasil dari ONS and he's the best i've ever had. Loving, mature, caring. That's everything a gay could ask.

Reis's said...

Well, maybe I will be the last single gay-guy standing on earth. Haha. I am scary and damaged, how could I ever be in a relationship?

BoewatChat said...

ONS means that each other knows the contact will not developed further into relationship..

if somehow it can goes deeper, then hell you are a LUCKY bastard :)