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Sunday, January 25, 2009

ONS #1

He was cute. Very cute, indeed. Naughty and hot. Steamy, but not dreamy, because he's real and stood right in front of me. He smiled, gently, not in any way pervert. He had a nice and smooth body.

So, the next thing I knew was, I was sitting on his bed, watching the television - the HBO, but couldnt remember what the movie was. He was lying on his bed, next to me, and we chatted a bit. I am not the type who would make the first move, so I waited, like a prince(ss). Everything was kind of porny, and steamy, and naughty, and hot, and... He suddenly grabbed me into his arm, he hugged me and kissed my neck. He then started to undress my shirt, and locked the door.

Well, I was not a saint that night.

4 punches:

lucky said...

katanya mo selibat dan menghabiskan malam dengan lotion dan tisu. kok malah ONS??
Kyknya gw tau nih, mgkn harus gw kado dildo for your next bday :p

Reis's said...

haha.. ini seh cerita ons terakhir, rencananya seh mau post semua chronicle ons gue, biar si boewatchat tau, gw dulu seperti apa, dan menjawab pertanyaan dia tuh di comment sebelumnya o_O

Anonymous said...

Oh, flashback ya? kirain tau2 ga selibat lagi. hehehe!

BoewatChat said...

iya dehh bukan virgin.. ehh lajang :p

good to know that :)