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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

ONS #2

The night I saw him, I knew he was not my type. But the devil inside me knew exactly that I was his type. He adored me. It drove my curiousity; I just wanted to know how he would do me the sex.

So, I decided to take his invitation, spending the night in his dorm.

Nothing happened for the first minutes. Then he hugged me from behind, kissed my neck.
I felt the familiar tone, the familiar atmosphere. And that night, I finally knew how men could divide sex from love very well. I didn't know about him, but for me, it's nothing more than sex.

There was no intercourse session, and I was not hoping for it either, yet he gave a blowing-your-mind-kind-of-blow-job. He had a very nice tongue, and I could feel it all over me. Above all, I didn't just do it once, so I guess this cannot be labelled as ONS technically.

3 punches:

lucky said...

kok tiap ONS pasti lehermu yang kena sasaran ya. jangan2 ada tulisannya: LICK ME HERE!!!

Dr Pr said...


katanya dah ga mau ONS, tetep yah, dicoba2 jg


Reis's said...

Duh.. Ini ONS yang sebelumnya..nanti di post berikutnya gw jelasin deh. :P

@ lucky, iya, gw juga ga ngerti. Yah, mungkin pada ga berani langsung mouth to mouth kale ya. makanya, sasaran yang terbuka (baca: ga tertutup baju) dulu, yaitu leher..:P