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Friday, January 30, 2009

Look At Him

He's 52. Is it just me, or he is real hot? Or is it because of his role as a medical doctor, a profession that drives my passion and makes me kind of porny?

I just don't know. I don't mean that old people, 50-something-people couldn't be hot. It's just not fair, to some extent, for I am younger and I am not any way hotter (*ya iyalah..*).


I could just eat him alive.

So, meet Peter Wilder, MD, an alternative medicine specialist at the series Private Practice, played by Timothy Daly, the guy from The Sopranos. Gosh..

2 punches:

lucky said...

Bener lohh si Timoth Daly ini umurnya udah 52 --> gw ngecek ke IMDB.

Tp Edward, loe juga harus inget, dia ini artis. Pasti banyak perawatan buat memantaine wajah gantengnya.

jangan2 dibalik wajahnya yg mulus itu banyak benang2 halus untuk menarik kulitnya biar ga kendor.

Hiii ngeri bayanginnya

BoewatChat said...

bukan cuma physical (yang cuma artificial) dong lucky... a person's personality can shine through his physical barrier.

tapi memang, kalau pertama (fisik-nya) gak menarik, gimana lagi kita mau melihat personality nya? unless we are on an occasion that forces to know him more :p