A little rain inside me, a little pain inside me. A little dose of mellowness to compromise the life, in a precise amount.


Sunday, January 18, 2009


Ironic, isn't it?
A guy like me, who doesn't even believe in relationship nor real love, yet could write mellow things about relationship.
Or should I say, miraculous, as it is how the self-defense mechanism works? Or pathetic, for a guy like me, who always claims himself as a mature person,yet fails to understand the real world? And instead doing the deep-self-analyzing, I blame other for the pain I experience. Or hypocrite, as I am still crazy for those hot guys my eyes provide me, and on the other hand, I told people that I dont judge from appearance?

People said, love comes with pain, not only the happiness. If I am being this little boy who isnt even ready for the pain, how could there be love ever after? If I myself dont wanna breathe for myself, why there should be another person out there who would do it for me?

Above all, I am just miserable, dark and cloudy.

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Dr Pr said...


ayo jangan lemes dong, gw kasih cildenafil citrate ntr biar semangat!


yes yes, love comes with pain, but it's a pain that we should be thankful, napa?

kalo buat gw sih, mending sakit hati daripada sakit gigi..

pasti itu si Meggy Z blm pernah sakit gigi