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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Chronicles of ONS

do you know what I have in my mind..now?

The clock near the desktop is showing 11:27 PM as I write this. (*so?*)

Some of you, who care enough, maybe have already thought me as a big hypo, for I wrote things about celibacy and - at the same time - stories about my ONS. Some of you may even think that I am showing off my narrow world - as you can probably tell, I give a lame sex - which is soooo nothing to be proud of. I am writing this just to show that I am not always the person who is against the ONS. I don't blame nor judge ONS-people, I just feel - FOR MYSELF - that it's far better if I leave that lifestyle behind. Sex, as I have told you guys before, is still sex, even if it's done without love. I have never considered sex as something sacred, nor dirty. I am not even in denial. I think.. I just need my own little space and time to be alone, to enjoy my being single currently. Moreover, I think it's time to focus on finding a decent guy, not some random sex..

AND, I am telling you guys (especially he and he and he), those ONS I wrote about happened quite some time ago. The last ONS I had was dated 16th January 2009, and I have posted the story as ONS #1. As for ONS #2, the sex happened before the ONS #1 - yes, I am writing it in reversed order. Why is that so? Because, the very first real sex I had was the very special one, so I wanted to keep juiciest story the last - hey, you guys keep the best for the last, don't you? *giggle*.

3 punches:

Zhou Yu said...

Same here, dude. tired of loveless sex with random guys.

BoewatChat said...

mau comment tapi udah keburu ngantuk banget ;p .. besok yaa..

lucky said...

gilaaa....gw baru buka jam 7.30 pagi. ehh sudah ada 2 kommen. padahal post nya ditulis jam 11.30 malam.

aduhhh jeeeungg jangan suka begadang loh,ntar kerutan2 nya muncul. krim malam juga harus dipake. *kok ngomongnya ga jelas juntrungannya si*