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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

the Chinese New Year

Yeap, time really does pass by. Now, we're leaving the year of rat to welcome the year of ox. And this is the fifth year I am welcoming the chinese new year without gathering with my family. The B-town is kind of empty, for all my friends are coming home. Although so, nothing really differs from last year. We welcome the new year of ox, mark the first spring in China, hear the new year song - which suddenly becomes popular in every malls, and now, as I am writing this, the festive day is almost over.

I met a few friends, though, those who don't celebrate the chinese new year. They greeted me 'gong xi', then started the red-thing called Ang Pao (this is Hokkianese, the mandarin for it is Hong Bao). I also received a bunch of short messages to my cell-phone, to my YM. and the lovely Lucky at my shout-box. Just can't thank you enough.

Yet then, the-begging-for-ang-pao-thing is quite annoying, as I am-not-married-so-not-legally-nor0technically-able-to-give-Ang-Pao-yet-people-are-still-asking-for-it. A friend even said that I had to give because he didn't get any, so I had to share. This makes me think, nonetheless, are people just not created to rejoice on other's happiness? Or is it me who's just too greedy on my belonging? I believe the second is not the case, since I don't get any Ang Pao, for I AM ALREADY-TOO-OLD-TO-RECEIVE-ONE. Why suddenly the Ang Pao has become the most important thing?

I don't really think that Chinese New Year is merely about the celebration nor the chinese songs nor the Ang pao itself. The Chinese New Year - at least to me - is all about the culture, and the tradition, and the first spring. The first spring means the last of winter, and all people are just hoping for a better year to come. So they made a lot of tradition - what has to be done and what has to be avoided, to welcome the luck, prosperity, and health, and that the new year would be smooth and without obstruction.

I mean, do you guys know that the Chinese are not allowed to sweep the floor at the first day of the chinese new year? That the Chinese are not allowed to wash their clothes, cut the hair, and throw rubbish out of the house at the day? Do you guys know why the Chinese wear red and give Ang Pao? Or why do they eat the sweet 'nian gao'? There is a long history and folk tales and legend behind it.

I know, it seems very old-fashioned that I still believe in those tradition, the myth, and the tabooes. But, in my perspective, these are the things that keep the chinese new year on her very first frame. I am not saying it's exclusive for the Chinese; the culture is opened for everyone who would like to know more. It's not merely about the celebration. It lies more in the spirit of wishing that others would have a very nice year ahead. So, with that kind of spirit, I wish you all a Happy Chinese New Year!

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Dr Pr said...

gong xi fa cai ya ward!!!!

moga2 jadi tahun yg penuh berkah buat kita semua!!!!!