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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Birthday Wish

Candles were blown.
Wishes were made.
Hands were shaken. 
Pictures were taken.
Same old ritual that has never failed to touch my heart, again and again. 

I really wanted to be thankful. Yet somehow, I could always manage to steal some time to try to find if there was your line of words in perhaps my Facebook page, Friendster page, my YM, or even in my phone. You were no longer there, wishing me those sweet wishes for me, about us.

Did you remember the first night we met? 
Did you remember those promises you made the first morning we woke up to each other?
Did you remember my touch?
Did you remember my smell?
Did you remember the kisses?
Did you remember me... at all?

Candles were blown. Another year was taken away from me. 
Wishes were made. This time, I silently wished that you'd be happy even it's without me.
Hands were shaken. I promised that there won't be no tears anymore.
Pictures were taken. It's going to be ok to create some new memories, even if it's without you.
Same old ritual. Did you remember everything we used to have? 

ps. thank you, guys. :) 

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