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Monday, April 20, 2009

Wanna know what annoys me??

Old people with no pics at man**m!!! HULLO???? That is man**m; everybody is obviously gay!! *There, I used the word without censor* And if u dont plan to get revealed or recognized, get a life out there!! AND DON'T STARE AT SOMEBODY'S ELSE PICS!!! PERVER*!!!

And What annoys me the most?????


Nothing is more annoying than a guy who spends his love-life thinking about one sole infatuation to another guy!

You're not a true lover by doing that. That doesnt prove anything, except your being silly.

Ow, okay. okay. Okay, it's heroic (*huh?*). It's rare (*seriously?*). But then you give out this 'single-but-not-available' crap?? And you just willingly drop yourself within his arms, even for a second?? Wait a moment there. You're not Cinderella. You don't have to pack again your dream whenever 12 o'clock comes. Go out and have some fun already! Your biological clock is ticking, and it doesnt wait. Love wont wait.

Let him go already.
Wish his happiness.
Laugh at him being dumb and dumber each seconds of life for dumping you or not being able to see the real prince(ss) in you.
Celebrate the scar you bear.
Move your ass on.
And be thankful because you still can love someone (else).

Being gay is already hard enough. Dont make it harder for yourself. It's annoying.

2 punches:

Lucky said...

Kok kayaknya postingan ini mengarah ke satu orang ya??? Idiom "Single but not available" sepertinya sangat specific.

Reis's said...

hahaha.. siapa?