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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Is it Love?

When you think about him everyday,
you wonder what he's doing at this very moment,
is it love?
or just being a stalker?

When you think twice of every words to send to him on your every SMS,
and you wait nervously on his reply,
and you wonder what takes him so long,
is it love?
or just being impatient?

When you need his 'good morning' to make your day happy and shiny,
and whenever his greetings are late, you always wonder why,
is it love?
or just being super lame?

When you find yourself, staring at his pics daily,
and you smile when you see his eyes are so bright and happy,
and you silently wish his being well,
is it love?
or just being overly-obsessive?

When you find out that you wanna be with him every single day,
yet you dont know what to say when he's just one click away from your facebook,
is it love?
or just being a coward?

Even when you do know,
you do realise,
he is a complete stranger to you,
would you still say yes if I ask you..
.. is it love?
or just being ridiculous?

3 punches:

Lucky said...

maybe it's love but what kind of love it is? cinta monyet kah?

BoewatChat said...

Platonis :p

Reis's said...

@lucky.. jadi inget lagunya Dee di 'PELUK'.. liriknya ada.. 'cinta yang tak lagi sama..'

@boewatchat. OOm, pengalaman pribadi yaaa?? :P