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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I dont Understand..

Following a small-and-not-so-important incident at a neighbouring blog, I have been questioning about one thing:

Is it a sinful thing to register myself to this gay dating web called manja*?
Shameful or pathetic, perhaps?

And the same question to this chatroom over IRC.. what's so wrong about cruising manja* and going online at the room?

I used to be chatting. Alot. My ex and I had a long-distance relationship that we'd go online every saturday, chatting from 13 to 18 hours. Dont get me wrong, we had phone conversations, too. Then we broke up. Yet I still go online. I even got to know some of my-ONS guy through chatting. Although I dont go online much today, but why do I get the impression that the whole chatting thing is 'oh-so-lame', 'so yesterday', or 'oh-so-fake'?? Is it just me?

And even if it's so, then what's wrong with that? What's wrong with manja*? People used their fake pics. So? People arent telling the truth. So?
I mean, come one, like you tell the truth all the time. And okay, maybe you get your boyfriend now from somewhere real, like a book-store, at university, at a clubbing night, and so on. But what's wrong with cruising through manja*?

So, no. I dont consider it pathetic, lame, not real, or anything. What's real in this world, after all? It's called fun. Nothing to lose. Okay, maybe being a grumpy a while for seeing someone who's so protective about his profile that he doesnt even have a self-pic. But the rest of it? It's just fine. And fun. Plus, maybe, eventually you'll really meet someone through chatting, through manja*.

And no, I wont feel sorry that I still have a manja* ID, I still go online at IRC even rarely. I make no apologise. It's not my fault that I havent met someone somewhere real. At least, I am not saying to myself that I am single-yet-not-available. I am not shutting myself down. I am not being melancholic and using that as a reason to be bitter to everyone else.

But I just dont understand..
What's with gay people?

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G-FILES said...

you know what, my last two boyfriends i got from mirc. sometimes i underappricate gay from chat-room but the truth is i'v been in love twice to that kinda gay and still searching for the third, fouth, and so on...
hope we can be blog-buddy anyway

Zhou Yu said...

Well, I met Jo through mIRC as well. Maybe because so many gays who are sex-oriented roaming around the chat room, the reputation is down.

Reis's said...

Hai Carrie-Bradshaw-wannabe. :)
You're more than welcome here.

And dear ZHou, yakin bener mau challenge gw? hehe.. Loe ngajar di..............