A little rain inside me, a little pain inside me. A little dose of mellowness to compromise the life, in a precise amount.


Thursday, March 5, 2009

There Will be Time

There will be time
when my smile means something
when my heart beats faster
when my face blushes red, again

There will be time
when I finally stop wondering
when i finally stop questioning
about you, about love, about happiness,
about meaning, and about myself

There will be time
when alphabets are not just mine
when sentences are not just the antidotes to loneliness

There will be time
when I wake up every morning to someone I love besides me
when I kiss him good night and tell him that I will see him in my dreams
when the dark nights is not so cold anymore

There will be time
when I dont need to wait for the sun to cast away the cloudy sky
when an umbrella is already enough, because it has you under it..

There will be time
when I cry for you, for love and happiness you bring in my life
when I believe, once again, I am a complete person
when I believe, I see, and I hear, the happily ever after, again..

There will be time
and I don't mind to wait

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