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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mr Right and Mr Right Now

Rata Penuh
now, he is Mr Right.

Have you watched Burn After Reading? The weird movie was about a bunch of people, who at first weren't connected to each other. Then somehow, with the plot, they all got connected through one little CD. All the men then died, leaving this crazy-about-reinventing-herself-with-plastic-surgery-girl and cheating wives.

The handsome guy, George Clooney, thought he was everything a woman could have. And maybe, that was one of the many reasons which make him sleeping around. He might think that he had the privilege to have sex with any women he wants. But then payback is always a bitch, isn't she? His wife was also cheating and thinking about divorcing him.

The gym girl, I dont know who she is, but the girl, Linda something, thought that she had a problem with her appearance. That she was already old in the point where she's not that attractive anymore. So, the only solution, an instant one, was to have a plastic. Four procedures. Let's talk about this more, later.

But the character I love the most is Osbourne Cox. He was old, baldy, and not attractive at all - so my preference for him is not sexual. He was always angry and skeptic and cynic all the time: everybody else but him is completely moron. He has a cheating wife; he knew the affair his wife had, but he didnt bother to even ask. He just.. didn't care.

So, what does this movie have to do with me?
This morning, someone from B-town (I am still in B-town, but not the same B-town as in my previous post. Guess I'll have to add one city soon in the pics there), the guy I swam with (I dont know what his number is in my list), called me.

He told me that he's been missing me since the last time we saw each other.
He told me that he wants to be more serious with me.
He told me that he likes me - not loves.
He asked me if I could take the part in it.
I said yes.

But then I dont have this feeling that I am in a relationship. I dont have this feeling that 'Okay, I have a boyfriend now'. The feeling is just not growing. I dont understand. It could be anything. It could be because this is a long-distance relationship, and it is bull-shit to me (no offense here). It could be because he's Mr Right Now, who happens to come to my life, but not Mr Right I am looking for. It could be because I am not a relationship type. It could be anything. Name it.

So, me and the girl Linda in the movie, share one thing, I guess. There's this guy, Ted, who's secretly in love with her that it eventually costed his life; but the problem is, Ted wasn't her Mr Right. She kept looking over the internet - the dating site. She kept planning on having plastic while Ted thought she was attractive already without it. She kept her eyes shut to the Mr Right Now beside her.

And I don't know. Should I ignore this Mr Right Now? Should I give it a try?

What say you?

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Zhou Yu said...

Ummm, tapi adakah kemungkinan Mr. Right Now itu jadi Mr. Right?

Sinting Maut said...

Reading ur review, i just said "Wow... what a great movie", kayanya harus ditonton nih...

Nah kalo tentang Mr. Right itu, mungkin ada baiknya loe tetep konsisten dengan pilihan loe sekarang sampai akhirnya loe siap dengan yg namanya relationship dengan pemikiran yang matang dan pertimbangan yang membuat loe siap dengan segala konsekuensinya...

Inget bos, ketika loe sudah menentukan bahwa "You are not a relationship type. It could be anything. Name it!!" harusnya ngga mudah tergoda sama hal-hal tertentu yang ada dalam diri si Mr. Right itu kecuali hal-hal lain yang masih acceptable dalam prinsip loe...

so, good luck aja deh menjaga prinsip :D

Reis's said...

great movie? haha.. filmnya unik banged. tapi kalo great? menurut gw kaga. hehe

Soal mr right now yang kmdn jadi m right.. gw ga tau. Dan, memang, no other way to know kecuali try it. :)

jadi, zhou yu votes for Mr Right now. SInting vote for Mr Right. Yang laen?