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Monday, May 5, 2008

Under the Pants

Living in this perishable world makes us have and meet different kinds of people.

And among those different people, of course we have some straight friends, who may have no idea about our true sexual preference. Okay, they might know, but it’s not going to be the topic when we’re having a conversation with him, unless we told them the deep little secret.

I have some straight friends; most of them are homophobes, but who cares, anyway. Long as it’s not the topic of the day, I’m fine. There is one thing quite disturbing, though; that is, when they’re talking about chicks. Chicks and everything under the panties. Yeah, they’re sharing their sexual experiences, which sometimes can be very very bad, dirty, naughty, and not hot, at all. They’re talking about the lies and the tricks they’ve been using. They’re talking like, all chicks are their slave, things they can buy and use and dump after that. Trickier the tricks one could have, more macho he feels, and more manly he thinks he is. A friend told me that, it is even worse when you get to work, when you face the true world out there.

And I’m surprised when I found out that I am still surprised whenever I have to face this kind of conversation. I’m not being saints, and I know not every chick out there is still virgin until their marriage. I am just..old fashioned. But don’t they know that sex isn’t just the only thing that defines who someone really is? Don’t they know that being manly and macho has nothing to do with the number of chicks someone has slept with?

Sex is good. Sex is damned good. I admit that, whole-heartedly. Yet doesn’t sex have to go with sincere feeling, sincere love, and not only lust? Isn’t it the feeling and the love and the heart that makes us different from beasts?

Another friend would say that life is short, and we have to make the fullest of it; have fun while you can, so you can die with no regret. And I don’t really get it. First of all, people don’t die with dignity, because it’s the time when our body starts to rot. It’s going to be ugly, no dignity at all. On contrary, we can live with dignity. And sex doesn’t define any dignity. Dignity is being responsible and mature. Dignity is being human. Dignity is being faithful. Speaking of faith, even if it’s good enough, even if it’s challenging, is it really worth it, to cheat someone you said you love, to cheat your own oath?

Sigh. I just don’t get it. Maybe I’m just too na├»ve and plain.

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Sam said...

True, sometimes I feel that I want to have sex with tons of other hot guys - but it all boils down to who you are. Commitment holds me in place, but porn jacks me off to a fantasy world where I'm unbound by any of reality's rules.

That's a good escape for me. :D