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Monday, September 17, 2012

The New Normal

Ryan Murphy perhaps is a genius. Or not, depending on how you view his creations. He's famously known for his plastic surgery drama Nip/Tuck - I can't bear to watch the all the gory details despite the two hot doctors as the main leads, then perhaps Popular - it was very popular indeed in my high school back then but then after season 2 it lost its soul and eventually got cancelled, then Glee - which to me is more like Popular but with Music and gay stories, then American Horror Story, then here comes the newest: The New Normal. 

The premise was simple: a couple - a gay couple is trying to have a baby and they found a goldie named Goldie with a daughter trying to start over her life after catching his husband having affair red-handed, who was willing to be a surrogate mother. . It was supposed to be a sit-com, and a few months before its premiere I think several medias have reported that there were several organizations trying to boycott this series. Well little did they know that all the controversies  indeed were good for marketing. 

So NBC picked up the series, and I had to admit that my first eyes were to Justin Bartha: He was the forgotten cast member of the wolf-pack gang in Hungover movies - the cute one in the first movie who's also the groom. Then being his couple is the queenie Andrew Rannells, the previous Broadway actor - I think - who has had several awards up his sleeve. The pilot indicated that he was the stereotypical one in the relationship: fussy, superficial, into fashions, celebs, obsessed about looks, and so on and so on. Justin Bartha himself is the geek, an OB-GYN doc who's the quieter one, and apparently, the understanding one. 

Along with the trio were Goldie's grandmother and unique daughter, also Rannells' funny assistant. Despite the witty and sassy lines about Nana's being bigot and racist, it was funny until the moment you hit the intimate convo between the two leads: they were sweet enough - not too ooey-gooey that I actually tried really hard to hold back my tears. There were so many lessons about family; for example when Goldie said that family is family and love is love, or when Rannells telling Goldie's daughter that she's unique and that trait will lead her to greatness and how her mother just loves her for who she is... And the ultimate breakdown for me was when Bartha and Rannells hitting the bar back. They realized that their youth had long been over-due. 

And it hit me hard: all the endless fun, endless party, endless sex, endless shallow things that we all do - they will all be passing-by, in a glimpse of moment. That one day we're going to wake up and realise that there are still many things in our life that we still havent done. I for one would not want to be that guy. I wanna live my life to the fullest. There's no time for craps like failed relationship. Like meaningless fights. 

So thank you again, Murphy. I dont care what critics say. I dont care if in the long run your show is going to be a disappointment. That's not the point here. I thank you for making me see what I do want in my life. And for that, I will stick to the show for a while. 

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