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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The New Normal Again. :D

We are bringing a baby into the world where idiot people feel free to say and do the things they say and do trained to ignore them! That guy is not the problem.  We are the problem.

Well, what did you want me to do? Get in his face? I'm not that guy.

I don't know!
I'm not crying for me. I'm crying because what if that happened in front of our kid? What will we do then? Just be ashamed of who we are? What kind of message does that send to our child?  I don't want our kid to feel that. To see him or her get hurt like that, that would just kill me.
As a parent, you're supposed to protect your child. You tell them not to play in the street, and-and don't do drugs and wear a thick shea butter moisturizer at night.
But how are we supposed to protect our baby from hate?

- the new normal s01e03

What did you read there? *Gee I feel like I'm giving out an english exam, lol.
But anyway, I'm going on with this The New Normal fever - while waiting for Partners - a new sitcom by the creator of Will and Grace - to finish downloading.

This new episode felt more drama than comedy, but since I think every gay guy could almost relate to the problem and issues raised, I think we can easily forget that. You can see directly Ryan Murphy's secret formula there: the whole acceptance thing that he has done so well with Glee. Only this time I think Murphy has brought that formula with a sample of the lead couple's daily life..

I had a conversation with Mr.H over the blackberry a few months back: he told me how he never liked the gay with queenie and bitchy attitude. I told him that it's just the way the gays has been doing as some-kind of self-defense mechanism. I might be wrong on this, but my point is, like the sample we have with Brian here: how he's the typical gay (I've mentioned it before in my previous post), that some of us might consider him shallow, but once we get to know him very closely, we know that he's a nice person inside. A person with love and simple goal in life like building a nice and happy family. Isn't that what we all want?

And what I like the most is the fact that David is the typical geek; but even so he felt the pain and sadness in Brian that he would still ask: what do you want me to do? He knew he's just as helpless as Brian but he still offered that kind of rock in his shoulder to rely on... That's when you know a guy loves you - like really loves you. It's never been undivided attention or anything grand. It's never that.

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