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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

SuperGeek: Part 2

the city was still sleeping when he reached the highest building, not far from a high and big statue of the city founder just in the upper side of the city. 

he revealed his mask; and you could tell that with that kind of jaw-line, he's much more a  stud rather than a genius geek. he sighed, to the empty air, to the cold silent statue just in front of him. 

the new-republic city was built over a hundred years ago; the founder, Gaudi, was a father who lost his only son after being bullied. He sought for justice, but justice itself had failed him. so he immersed himself in the technology, secretly took over all the vital facilities, and finally became the most powerful man in the world. everything else then fell into their own place; the rebellion was started and not more than 2 years Gaudi proclaimed himself as the ruler, and founded a new city: the new-republic city. 

it took another 5 years before he could finally revenge his son: all the non-genius studs and the like were exiled to the suburbs, and they were no longer allowed in the daily and vital aspects of the city. Along with the studs was all things supernatural and can't be explained scientifically. life was never the same ever since.

our hero then put on his glasses. all the sudden, you met again the genius geek underneath the black tight spandex costume. six months before he resumed his new identity as a superhero - he called himself SuperGeek - he met a gipsy during his way to the border of a suburb to collect certain specimens. his colleagues had never been keen to do field trip, and since he had unexplainable desire to the green environment and mother nature, he had always volunteered himself to such task. 

the female gipsy was trying to locate her missing feline when she stumbled upon him. then suddenly, she was just a different person: she levitated a few inches from the ground, emitting a bright white light from her body and eyes. She didn't open her mouth, but he could hear her very clearly, like an echo in a silent valley: The time has come. You have to fulfill your destiny and bring back the balance to the world. 

it was rather hard for him to understand everything - it was the first time he saw such magical phenomenon, after all - but the gipsy, being back to her own consciousness explained to him: there was a prophecy given by the city council just before Gaudi took over everything; that one day there would be a true geek with true compassion again, to restore the balance. and for that purpose and that day, the council had prepared everything he or she could possibly need. only a few were made known to this prophecy, and she was the last line of the prophecy protector. 

go south, dear, she said. not far from here, you'd find a secret underground pass to everything you'd nee;. my hope rests in you. just like that, she vanished into thin air, leaving our hero alone with this thought and disbelief. 

*to be continued

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