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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Too Good (to be true)

sorry, It's hot here. I need to cool myself.

Do you believe in mIRC? Do you chat a lot there?

Well, maybe it sounds like a geek, but after you watched Bukan Bintang Biasa the Movie, another Melly Goeslaw's project, perhaps it brings us a lil bit 'hope'. I havent watched it, so cant make comments any further, yet I can tell you that Ayu and Raffi started the relationship as cyber friends first. ^^

I chat a lot, at mIRC, practically everytime I go online, then you can find my nick at the local chatroom. I dont hope much - because I learn over time that chatting doesnt provide you anything else but false truth. Hypocrisy has become the second international language there. Cant blame anyone, there, because Mom teaches us not to talk to strangers, doesnt she? Anyway, let's leave the whole manipulative act and cheating first, cause it's not what I'm going to tell nor curse.

So, it was late evening when I queried this nick.
Like the standard and stinky and ancient procedure, we exchanged our stats. He's 27 or 28, 182-cm-height and about 78-kg-weight. Cant remember exactly, I just found myself happy coz his stats fitted my type.

We have a nice chat, and I made myself very obvious that I'm interested in the hunk. Later, he told me he needed to go. Unwilling to let him go without any traces, I told him that I'd be missing him badly, so I needed his number. He refused, but offered a meeting instead.

I didnt hope too much that he would showed up, since I knew that his residence was very far away from my place. Yet another half an hour passed by, and he called me, telling me that he's nearby. I walked out, and found his car.

I sat beside him. And soon I learned that he's very handsome. Very handsome : his grandma was Dutch, and he has his grandma's hazel eyes, with the beautiful nose.

He drove me to my place again, but since it's late already, I didnt offer him to come in. SO we only had the conversation in his car.
Apparently, from the conversation, I knew that he's a medical doctor....
A doctor. A med doctor in my wild daydream now was in front of me. A tall and handsome and mature med doctor.

I was overwhelmed with gratitude. He's friendly, nice, and mannered. I thought to myself that I would never let him go...

Yet, apparently, I was too quick to conclude.
He told me that he will have a wedding this year, around August.
I feel happy for him. I wish his happiness. I told him that i'd better to keep the good image of him inside my memory. No lust involved. He agreed and seemed to understand.

So I say farewell to my dream, feeling the pain and amusement at the same time.

At least I know, good guys exist.

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++ Chris ++ said...

Ya ampun...masih aja nonton itu sinetron... huehuehue.
Anyway, don't believe mIRC la, it's a place for guys to look for quickie..