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Saturday, August 11, 2007


This is what you do with a thing called camera. Got that?

It’s been a month since I came to this deserted town. A small town named Cilegon. And if you’re dreaming about a peaceful town, where people are still friendly to each other, then please wake yourself up.

Let me introduce you Cilegon.
This small town – Village, better term for it, I think – is only about one hour driving from Jakarta, the capital. It has only ONE big road, where the center of the city also lies on – center of the city is the city herself, FYI. With three malls – puhlezz, how can people call the small chaos market as mall? – and many industries, it has a very hot climate. People told me that the good point is that the city is near to the Anyer, the famous beach, and of course, Carita. But I have only gone to the beach just once. And? Forget about the beautiful view. Forget about the peaceful scene. Welcome the loneliness. Gosh! Sitting there just watching the sunset and the sea? Maybe it could bring me a melancholic moment, but going there every day?
And Cinema? There’s only one cinema here, playing so-yesterday-movies. I mean it, even Hillary Duff could be jealous because movies playing here are far more-so-yesterday than her song.
Café? There are cafes here, but I’m not sure… whether it can be labeled as café or not.
Discotheque? Ask people here where it is, and I’m sure they will ask you in return : what is it?
Bookstore? Hullo, where the hell Gramedia is when you need it? Where the hell Kinokuniya is? Somewhere over the rainbow, I’m sure. There is ONE bookstore here though, one small bookstore and you don’t need a weather forecast to see whether it sells books you want to read.

So? Guess I can win the competition of selecting a ‘duta budaya’ (=ambassador of culture) for Cilegon. Yeah, at least, I can make people realize that there’s nothing to visit here, there’s nothing to see here – except some village girls who never see cute and metro sexual guys. Talking about being metro, I am sure that a metro guy can make himself up better than any girls here. So, practically, I just save people out there from going to this village-named-town.

And I suddenly wonder, how can those people survive here? And why would they buy cell phones if friends are only a few meters away? What do they do in their spare time? Sleeping and hoping that when he’s awake, his world would change suddenly? That Cilegon will somehow become Jakarta?
Or what? Screwing around like a horny pig? I don’t think so, coz here’s no cute guys to lust for.

Am I spoilt by technology?
Am I not adapting myself to this new environment well?
Now I know what it’s like to count every single days; the fact is, I have reached the level higher than Krisdayanti’s Menghitung Hari (=Counting Days, her popular song in late 90’s).

So… before I drive myself crazy…
Somebody help!!!!!!

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