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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Eternal Summer

If you’re fridae enough, then I guess you have watched this movie. Pardon me for my late watching, but better be late than nothing at all, right?
I got noticed for this movie first because of the cliché phrase – forbidden love. Driven by my curiosity, then I learned it’s about a friendship between two boys – one is certified gay while I am not certain for the other. After a girl came in between them, there happened a complicated triangle love. The girl, Carrie, was falling for Jonathan, yet Jonathan was secretly in love with Shane. Shane himself was plotted to be Carrie’s boyfriend, but later we found out - as we all can see in the tempting trailer – the boy fucked Jonathan.
I like the atmosphere the director trying to bring up. It’s kinda gloomy, blue, and giving me somewhat solitary feeling. It’s like the pain you cant tell others cause you know that they will not understand. It’s like the secret that burdens you forever. And it’s even worse cause the person you’re in love with, is in love with another girl who’s also your good friend… You can see him everyday, you can be with him everyday, and you know you mean something for him, you can touch him everyday… yet he doesn’t have any idea about your feeling. People said that the furthest distance is not when you and he are separated thousands kilometers away, but it is when he’s in front of you yet he doesn’t know that you love him.
And this makes me think. Is every aj relationship that gloomy? That no matter how happy we are with our significant other, the circle will never be completed round. That there’ll always be a missing piece we cant find. Deep in my heart, I really wish it’s not. We can be happy too. We deserve to be completed. But sometimes, I have to admit that my faith is proven to be in vain… Still, I’m willing to try. I’m willing to fight. At least, that’s the most honest thing I can do for myself.
Yet however touching the movie, I was quite disturbed with the storyline. I just didn’t get why Shane fucked Jonathan and could behave like there’s nothing happened. Okay, let’s leave the bitchy personality inside us for a moment. How can he tell Jonathan that he’s still his friend after the intimate session? He’s the one who started it, and he just hoped that Jonathan would still be only his best friend? Hullo? He’s not fair. How could he expect Jonathan to be his friend, while at the same time he knew that Jonathan was in love with him? Friendship is okay, but best friend? Seeing the person we love making a romantic relationship with other everyday? Listening to him telling his romantic stories everyday? I cant imagine any other way to torture oneself more harshly! But to remind myself, is there anything fair about being aj?

Anyway, I can say that it’s worth-watching. Though it doesn’t give you any specified ending, I guess the question which opened the movie is already enough to bring all of us contemplate deeper.
If we hadn’t met this certain someone, what would have happened? What would we have got? What would we have lost? To me, it helps me understand that even my meeting with Jef, a special someone from the past, is painful, I know that I get more valuable things.

What about you?

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Boy said...

I like this movie a lot and I've watched the DVD so many times ... Listening to the song makes me wanna cry ...