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Friday, June 29, 2007

So Gagfi, Then...

what do you think? Are we gagfi enough?

Since my internship is coming, I thought to myself that maybe I need a new formal pair of shoes. I walked myself to the nearest plaza to find a cheap yet comfortable and nice and of high-quality pair. After a lot of struggling - to buy a new boxer-with-the-hot-hunks-on-its-box- or not - I finally found myself a nice pair. To stop myself for buying unnecessary yet tempting things, I decided to go home and take some rest, instead of wandering around the mall like a crazy yet horny pig.

So I stopped an angkot (kinda like MRT, but in a messy version), and just after I sat, I found that the guy next time, who also took a look at me when I sat down, was a hottie. A hottie yet not my type, but who cares? He's with his friend, and both were wearing very formal attire. Emm.. wait a minute, is it the formal shirt that turned me on or what? Okay, anyway, not long after that, the hottie made a phone call.

And ...

Dear God! He's so NGONDEK!
The way he said 'hullo',
the way he said 'aduh..',
the way he complained,
the way he asked help,
the way he said 'gimana ya?'

He's so ngondek!
He's so GAGFI! Only not with 'gorgeous' for the second g, but 'GAY' for the second g.
He's NOT so HOT!
And the girl in front of me couldn't help but smile, which in turn, made me smile too.
The ex-hottie's friend noticed my smile, and I was convinced then, they're both ARE queer!

But maybe they're just straight. Maybe the ex-hottie is only a lil bit girlie, still he's very gentle, deep down inside him. Maybe he's married... but when I checked his finger, I couldnt find any ring or any signs of rings. He's not married, to a girl, at least. He's a queer. And a bottom, I bet. He screamed loudly when his top does him. I bet that.

But look at what this bitch did. Along my way home, it felt like my body was glued to him. Yet I can tell that he's not so my type. Wait a minute.

Why do i have to feel guilty? It's his fault! He's the one with glue on his shirt. Not my fault if I got trapped. Arghh..

Then do I give a real gay first impression? Am I a so-obvious-gay? Mmm...

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++ Chris ++ said...

If you ask that, then the answer is "Yes!"
*lol* jk jk jk