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Monday, June 25, 2007

Jealousy InMe

Does love exist?
Well, long ago - and as a matter of fact, until now - that question really is something to me. And every now and then I told myself that it does not exist. There's no such thing as love.
Yet whether I want it or not, I I see it everywhere. In the malls, cafes, cinemas, restaurants, airports, church, and the most of all, in a wedding hall. Even there's love at school. And suddenly love is just in the air. So I have to convince myself that love does exist. For me, for everyone.

The next question is, do you believe in love?
Even if it comes to you, will you have your faith in it?
There's been a myth that men - esp gay men- are not faithful. It's like the cheat has been a need tied tightly in our bone. Is that true? Well, I'd rather not say.
But let's think about it. Even if I am faithful, how can I save my relationship if my partner's cheating me all the time? It needs two to tango, doesnt it?

Maybe I am a lil bit worrying too much.
Maybe I take love too deep.
Maybe I am too naive.

that's why I'm jealous to people.
This X was single last year then he found his someone.
This Y told me that he's missing his someone right now, and how much he loved him.
This Z told me about his lovely boy, how beautiful his life has been since they met..
This A told me his beloved one, and his beloved one exactly is my TYPE.

Love does exist for them. And moreover, I know for sure that they will fight for it. To keep the love evergreen..

That's why I'm jealous. Yet on the other hand, I feel happy for them, too. At least they show me that love does exist. And it keeps giving me a new hope every day. A hope that I will finally find my someone too.

So, to my someone.
To our future to be...

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