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Saturday, July 4, 2009

All About Insecurity

My boyfriend (there, I used the word again. Still feeling kinda strange, though) was on an outbound training for the past three days. He returned yesterday, and I was glad that I texted him the day before, asking his availability. Guess what, I am not miserable at all. I am looking forward to seeing him again very soon, and playing some dirty tricks.

So everything was fine. Or, I thought fine. Usually, when everything's so damned smooth, I start bitching around about anything. And, unfortunately, that happens too, now.

Everything begins as it was my birthday today. He called me this morning, saying happy birthday to me, and then all his sweet wishes on me, and some on us. Then he asked me if I want any present. I told him that I didn't want any present. He was okay at first, then soon, he texted me again, saying he was at some kind of plaza, and he's looking forward to buy me something. That's sweet. Thoughtful. But is that necessary? I gave up, and practically told me what I currently plan on buying. I didnt know if he ended up buying the thing, but I certainly hope that he didnt.

And this little thing has made me thing. I dont wanna find any excuse, which is so lame. But it's just that giving gift is not a habit in my family. My mom has never given any presents at my birthdays, because there's never been any birthday party at home. We never celebrate. It's just the same ordinary day, from year to year. My parents didnt even give me any presents for any academical achievements I have accomplished. Never. I grow up thinking that having had my parents is already a gift, being born to the world is already a blessing, and my academic achievements were all something proper, not extraordinary. By saying proper, I mean that I should have accomplished those, because my parents are giving their best to put me in school. So, no gift. At all.

The point is, I dont really understand how a gift or a present could be tied to showing that you care for somebody. It certainly proves that you're sweet, you're thoughtful, but does it prove it anything else? Does it serve as measurement of anything?

Oh yes, I know I have been a bitch. I didnt tell him all this. I know that I have made this becoming much more complicated than it already is. Which is, at the end of the day, I know I have something to work out here in my department. I wanna love him in a better way. :-)

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Dancing Queens said...

Met ultah ya....semoga psnjsng umur, enteng jodoh, dan lebih dewasa.......

Jalanmu masih panjang nak, nikmati dan pelajari.

Lucky, Sinma, Yuda, Chris & Jo