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Saturday, June 27, 2009


It's almost a week since the last I saw him. And it's not that bad like I've thought. I miss him though, but not to the extent that it starts becoming a burden. I dont know about him, but I do knew that he sounded very very much extra spoiled the last time I called him, which was about 10 hours ago.

There are three things that amaze me right now.

First, I have had a long-distance relationship before. It was not convenient, and I have even come to a decision where I don't believe in a such relationship anymore. Still, I choose to give it a second chance, and here we are. I complained much about him before, this relationship is official, but then I realised that this all is not easy for him too. I know that I have been very childish, and I have been trying to gain a new perspective. Thing is already hard, I wont make it harder for anyone. I'll try my best to hang in there.

Second, usually I feel that someone being spoiled with me is ooey-gooey, but this is not the case with him. He demands some care and attention from me, and I guess it's normal. If he's my shoulder to cry on, then the least I could offer is a lap for him to sleep when he's so tired, right? I ain't say anything about business; it's not like I-am-doing-you-A-so-you-should-give-me-B. A relationship should be mutual. But you know it already.

Third, he sure changed a lot. He's silently figuring out a way to reach out to me. What I say matters much for him. He keeps all the sweet SMS I have sent him. We cuddled all night long, and no lust involved. This is new to me. I dont feel guilty anymore.. And it's not like because he happens to say things I wanna hear then I wanna be with him. The night I met him, I knew that I missed him badly. I found out that his hug was the safest place all over the world. And at the moment, I realised one other thing; I know everything's gonna be fine with him around.

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Zhou Yu said...

It's nice to have somebody special. But, just be prepared for everything. Enjoy the relationship :D

lucky said...

It seems you have grown up.....

I'm happy for you