A little rain inside me, a little pain inside me. A little dose of mellowness to compromise the life, in a precise amount.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Everything lies in silence..

It was like waking up in a cold dark room. All you can see is in white, black, or gray. You gasp, you try to take a real deep breath. Yet somehow, the air is not there. The oxygen is missing. And when you look around, you see him. Him, standing over there, watching you. No smile, no same familiar look. No warmth, no anything.

But this time, you dont feel the pain. You dont feel the fear. You feel nothing. Because your system recognize this all. You know this. This is familiar, as years ago, it has happened. You just can't believe that everything's just coming back to you. So you stop looking around. You throw your gaze to him.

Everything is just.. a mere silence.
It doesnt take you long that you finally realize. There's a missing piece. A missing piece that makes your puzzle can't be solved. A missing piece that takes your happiness away. A missing piece that reminds you maybe your journey hasnt reached the happily-ever-after. That perhaps, you have to keep going.

You thought this time would be different. You thought there cant be anything wrong. But time tells you that you're wrong. Time proves anything to you, even those that you choose not to believe.

So the only thing left to do is to choose. To let go, or to stay silent. Silent, until something happens. Anything....

I choose to stay silent.

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