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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Yin Ye 3 + 1 (My Best Pals)

Yin Ye 3 + 1 (read: Yin Ye san jia yi), also known as My Best Pals, is a taiwanese drama with genre of romantic-comedy. The setting is in a high-school, namely Yin Ye (if i am not mistaken, kinda forget). This series of 16 episodes aired at July 2007 to November 2007, kinda a year ago. I have watched it like a year ago, yet I have only managed to write about it now. Why? Because recently while I was browsing youtube for Ming Dao (ehm), I found the MV Zai Ci Xiang Xin (To believe Again), and I was like, 'isnt this the OST for the fab Yin Ye 3+1?'.

The storyline is somewhat cliche and very standard. There was this 4 childhood friends, Jia Jiang (AJ- Matthew Ming Dao), Fang Wei (FW-Jerry Huang), and Bulu (Jason Hsu) - the three guys - and a girl named Xia Tian (XT -Qiao En of 7flowers). So, 3 + 1 in the title means 3 guys and a girl.

AJ and XT is plotted to start developing feelings for each other. AJ kept denying this, here and there, for some silly reason (very typical!). Yet I recall that one of most touching moment of the series (for me), it was that when XT asked AJ's help (for what, I forgot). AJ was not willing at first, yet FW and Bulu kept pushing him to, so he finally agreed but with one condition: XT had to
fight with him (he said it was like in their childhood) and the winner took all. They had already set the battlefield (a few chairs being piled together) when XT finally said, 'At moment like this, I really hope that my knight in shining armor would come and beat you in the ass..'.

XT ran away and cried. AJ, shocked, then decided to chase over her. He found he
r then, weeping, but felt that it was not the right time to approach. Soon, it was raining and AJ silently accompanied XT till she got home...

There was also this time, when XT was slapped (I forgot who did, but it was one of the students' father). AJ got emotional, and yelled at the furious father, saying 'His father even never slapped her! You dont have the right to slap her!'. XT was also the one who stood between FW and AJ when the two fought; XT even took FW's punch to protect AJ. Knowing how there would be someone protecting and supporting us, isn't that nice?

FW who had always liked XT then became the love rival of AJ. Yet, it was obvious who chose whom at the end of the drama. The question how and what happened, however, still remained for the viewers to find out. Personally, I favored FW more than I favored AJ. AJ was somewhat very romantic, but sometimes he could be very childish. Don't get me wrong, but I need to tell you that the first reason why I watched this series was because of Ming Dao. Then I saw this Jerry Huang, and I thought I fell in love (lol).

Here are the pictures of both. For your eyes only (lol)!