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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

three conversations

[in his car, on the way to dinner]

Him: Do you know who is this singer? I really like her. 
Me: *trying to listen carefully* Mmmm... No..I don't think I know... 
Him: Are you sure? 
Me: Yes. Who is her?
Him: You don't know? Get out of the car now!
Me: Um ok. *trying to unfasten the seat belt* 
Him: *Laughing so hard* I am kidding.
Me: I think I know. This is Madonna! 
Him: Ah there you go! *caressing my hair*
Me: Oh my God you are so gay! Gayer than I am! 
Him: But she is good! 

[in my bed, the first time he stayed over]

Him: Do you know you snore? 
Me: *looking at him, trying to stay awake* No way. 
Him: Yeah you do. 
Me: You're teasing me. Go to sleep. 
Him: *reaching for his iPhone* Here, listen. 
Me: What? You voice-record me snoring?
Him: Yes. *laughing* 
Me: Noo.. *the voice-memo started to play* 
Me: God, I snored! *laughing* 
Him: Yeah, you're so cute. *hugging me from behind* 
Me: Go to sleep. 

[one cold night after a week not seeing each other]

Him: I miss you. *licking my body*
Me: I miss you too. 
Him: I love your body. And the whole package. 
Me: *rolling eyes* You're lying! 
Him: *laughing* No I am not. You know that. What about you?
Me: Me? What are you talking?
Him: *licking my ears* What do you like about me? 
Me: Everything. *carried away by his tongue* 
Me: Wait. *gasping* I like it when you said 'oh yeah' while licking my body. 
Him: *stop licking* Really? 
Me: Yes. *Smiling* 
Him: *whispering* Oh yeah.. *licking my ears again* Oh yeah.. 
Me: *laughing* Just because I love it, doesnt mean you have to do it all the time. 

2 punches:

Anonymous said...

Love the last sentence! :)

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